Texas cons

Greetings, adoring public! This month I’ll be attending a couple of Texas conventions. So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by and say howdy.

On June 3-4, I’ll be at the Dallas Fan Expo. You can find me and my books at the WordFire Press booth, along with Kevin J. Anderson, Rachel Caine, Cat Adams, Quincy J. Allen, Dave Butler, and A. Lee Martinez. Signatures, photographs, and hand-drawn cartoons of fiery flying gnomes for free.

And on June 17-18, I’ll be at Houston Comicpalooza, again at the WordFire Press booth with a huge gang of awesome authors. And Saturday morning at 10 AM, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion entitled “I want an advance: How to attract a publisher.” Come bask in my wisdom, or mock my ignorance. Both are valid choices.

See you soon!


There’s an awesome anthology coming out this summer, and I’m going to be in it! My story is called “Lullaby,” and it’s about a mama and papa dragon trying to get their babies to sleep. Hey, write what you know, right?

The book is called DRAGON WRITERS and it is being edited by Lisa Mangum and published by WordFire Press. It has lots of awesome authors in it– including perhaps my very favorite living writer, Brandon Sanderson. Can’t even explain how geeked out I am to see my name on the page next to his.

Anyway, here’s the official table of contents:

Dragons are creatures of legend. And so are writers. Within each writer is the power of a dragon. . . . The power of creation.

1. “I Hate Dragons” by Brandon Sanderson
2. [untitled] by Jody Lynn Nye
3. “A Pretentious Sonnet I Wrote” by Adric Mayall
4. “The Dragon Went Down to Dyfi” by Peter Jones
5. “The Final Fold” by Josh Vogt
6. “Li Na and the Dragon” by Scott Parkin
7. “Wayne and the Gator” by Kristin Luna
8. “Lullaby” by John D. Payne
9. “Eat Your Heart Out” by Joy Dawn Johnson
10. “Which Way to the Dragon?” by Michael Angel
11. “Manifest” by Brandon M Lindsay
12. “Heart of the Dragon” by LJ Hachmeister
13. “Salvation, on Painted Wings” by Kevin Ikenberry
14. “The Essence” by Frank Morin
15. “Reconciling with the Dragon” by Mel Koons
16. “His Greatest Creation” by Jace Killan
17. “Shattered Pieces Swept Away” by Greg Little
18. “Love Notes” by Nancy Greene
19. “Soot and Cinder” by Tristan Brand
20. “Dragon Years” by Robert J. McCarter
21. “Dust and Fire” by Aaron Michael Ritchey
22. “Black Tide’s Last Ride” by Mike Jack Stoumbos
23. “Claiming the Future” by Peter E Sartucci
24. “On Dragon’s Wings” by MJ Carlson
25. “The Dragon’s Child” by Todd McCaffrey
26. “Sweetly the Dragon Dreams” by David Farland

Can’t wait to get a copy of this, so I can start gathering autographs from all the incredible people who contributed. Hooray!

Submission Saturday’s three year anniversary

This last Saturday (11/7) marked three years since my decision in 2012 to submit a short story for publication every Saturday. I have missed more than a few Submission Saturdays, but I have always made them up later. In fact, I think I did a few extra somehow.

So anyway, here’s the last three years, by the numbers:

* 162 total submissions
* 38 personal rejections (or submissions held for consideration)
* 17 stories submitted at least once
* 8 submissions currently pending response
* 6 stories published (or accepted for publication)

I talked with some other authors about my numbers to see if they were more or less normal. In particular, I wondered about my submission success rate, which was about four percent (6/162).

Then one of my friends pointed out that I had sold more than a third of my stories (6/17), and if that was my measure of success then I was doing an order of magnitude better than I thought. That really made my day.

It also helped me realize two things. First, we all define our own successes, which can be a very good thing. Second, it’s good to have friends who help you see the good in the world.

So if you have a friend who is defining their success in a way that makes them miserable, do for them what my friend did for me. Help them see what they’re doing right, what’s going well.

Who knows? You might make their day.

Upcoming appearances

This Friday (5/22), Saturday (5/23), and Monday (5/25), I will be at Houston Comicpalooza. You can find me in the vendor area at the booths for either Houston Writers’ Guild or SkipJack Publishing (#1634 and #1636).  Kyle J. Russell and many of the other Tides of Impossibility authors will be there to sign and personalize your shiny new copy of the anthology. I’ll also be selling a couple of other books, including the Purple Unicorn book.

The following weekend (5/29-30), I will be at Dallas FanExpo at the WordFire Press booth. I’ll be joining Kevin J Anderson, Peter J Wacks, Rhiannon  Paille, Josh Vogt, Quincy Allen, and special guests Cat Adams and Kathleen Baldwin.  We’ll be selling hundreds of titles. It should be a party. Come on out and say hey. :)

Red Unicorn

I got an early birthday present this year, when I heard that my story, “The Old Gray Mare,” has been selected to appear in the upcoming Game of Horns: A Red Unicorn Anthology.  Awesome!

Like last year’s anthology, this one is edited by Lisa Mangum and published by WordFire Press.  And James A. Owen is slated once again to do the cover. I loved being a part of the last one and can’t wait to read this one, slated to come out some time before Dragon Con.

Here’s the (preliminary) Table of Contents:

1. Untitled Story by Jody Lynn Nye
2. Killing Zombies in Rural America: A Survival Guide by Doug and Cecilia by Kristin Luna
3. The Dark Ambition of Oswald March by Tristan Brand
4. The Old Gray Mare by John David Payne
5. Now I See You by Joy Johnson
6. Scrapyard Paradise by Brandon M Lindsay
7. Vodka Dreams by Nancy Greene
8.The Fall of Winter by Scott Eder
9. Customer Hotline by Josh Vogt
10. The Sharpest Horn by Travis Heermann
11. The Setting Sun by Victoria D. Morris
12. The Whole of Me by Greg Little
13. Odin’s Eye by Frank Morin
14. Queen of the Hidden Way by Mary Stormy Pletsch
15. The Red Unicorn Candy Store by Katie J Cross
16. Vengeance for Dinner by Emily Godhand and J.S. Bennet
17. The Trade by Raphyel M. Jordan
18. His Most Violent Friend by Greg Little
19. Laura’s Magic Clock by Robert J. McCarter
20. Correlation Effect by Nancy Greene
21. Feeding the Feral Children by David Farland

More info to come! Stay tuned. :)