New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

It’s a new year, so I’m going to lay out some new goals (and revisit some old ones):

1. Write 1 new page of fiction, five days a week. (It’s been my goal for a while, but I didn’t really come close in 2014.)

2. Submit one story to a paying market every week, by Saturday.  (I got 49 short story submissions in last year, but probably half of those were late. I want to work on consistency.)

3. Submit to my writing group every week, and offer thoughtful and supportive feedback on everyone else’s work.  That means reading it beforehand. (Last year, I give myself a B+ on this, except for the supportive part. I think I was too focused on criticism and not enough on identifying what was uniquely good about other people’s writing.)

4. Enter the Writers of the Future contest every quarter, so long as I’m eligible.  (Did this last year. What I really need to do is get my stories done earlier so I actually have the time to clean them up properly. Just looked over last night’s entry and found a big ugly incomplete sentence about halfway through.)

5. By the end of the year, have four short stories for sale as ebooks. (That should be all the published stories that I have the rights to.)

6. By the end of the year, complete one new novel. (I finished one last year, but I had started it the year before.)

7. One tweet a week on my author account.  (It would also probably help if I learned how Twitter works. But baby steps.)

8. One new blog post a month here. (Very doable.)

I also want to share some of my aspirations for 2015– dreams that I hope will come true, but which I recognize are not entirely in my control.

* Publish Journeymen, in a way that allows me to reach my target audience.

* Get some people reading (and commenting) on the blog.

* Sell more than one story to a pro market.

* Become eligible for SFWA membership, and thus ineligible for the Writers of the Future contest.

* Earn enough money to attend three conventions.

These might not be the grandest dreams, but I think they’re within reach. And I can always add new ones if inspiration strikes in the middle of the night. For now, it’s time for me to go pick up my boy and have dinner.


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