Submission Saturday’s three year anniversary

This last Saturday (11/7) marked three years since my decision in 2012 to submit a short story for publication every Saturday. I have missed more than a few Submission Saturdays, but I have always made them up later. In fact, I think I did a few extra somehow.

So anyway, here’s the last three years, by the numbers:

* 162 total submissions
* 38 personal rejections (or submissions held for consideration)
* 17 stories submitted at least once
* 8 submissions currently pending response
* 6 stories published (or accepted for publication)

I talked with some other authors about my numbers to see if they were more or less normal. In particular, I wondered about my submission success rate, which was about four percent (6/162).

Then one of my friends pointed out that I had sold more than a third of my stories (6/17), and if that was my measure of success then I was doing an order of magnitude better than I thought. That really made my day.

It also helped me realize two things. First, we all define our own successes, which can be a very good thing. Second, it’s good to have friends who help you see the good in the world.

So if you have a friend who is defining their success in a way that makes them miserable, do for them what my friend did for me. Help them see what they’re doing right, what’s going well.

Who knows? You might make their day.

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